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    A Holistic Training Program
    A program for a continuous professional development of teachers and teacher educators with a blend of theory and practice
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    Support System For Teachers
    Continuous professional development is today’s need. Let’s have a joy of learning while giving justice to your work commitments.
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    Knowledge Sharing Platform
    A platform that offers an opportunity to share knowledge with field experts and through peer learning.
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    Become A Mentor
    Working for a change is nice, becoming a change is awesome!


Teach it simple

Shikshak program is dedicated towards continuous professional development of teachers. Our uniquely designed courses empower teachers to improve learning and understanding among children.


Shikshak Courses

Foundation Course in Math Pedagogy

40 participants

Teaching Multiplication Division

20 participants

Teaching Fractions Part 1

20 participants

Teaching Fractions Part 2

20 participants

Teaching Units and Measurements

20 participants

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Teaching Elementary Mathematics

A course designed specifically for teacher educators and resource persons who are involved in teacher training. The prime objective of the long-term course is to introduce modern approaches and research, to bring out the relationship between different components of elementary math curriculum and to improve teaching techniques and subject matter knowledge of the participants.


Learn From the Best

Shikshak is a program designed by QUEST and is supported by C​entral ​Square ​F​oundation​.

Learn From the Best

Shikshak is a program designed by QUEST and is supported by
C​entral ​Square ​F​oundation​.

“Ever since I began doing this course and using these effective teaching methods, I have never given up on any student. It is the most gratifying feeling”

“When I saw students responding to the lesson so enthusiastically, I realised that the Shikshak Course is a path-breaking one.”

“It's such a great feeling to walk down the corridor and have your students coming up to you to ask what you will be teaching them in the math class.”

“Our mentors promptly corrected assignments and gave us valuable inputs. Their feedback actually boosted my confidence”