Teaching Number Concepts and Addition Subtraction

  • Course Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Recommended for Teachers of Grades 1 to 3
  • Intake: 20 Participants per batch
  • Contact sessions: 2 sessions of 2 days each
  • No. of assignments: 6 (2 online tests and 4 practicum)

About the Course

Math teaching at primary school level begins by introducing numbers to students. In this course, teachers will understand exactly which pre-number concepts of the children play an important role while introducing numbers. Furthermore, the course facilitates a detailed study of improving counting skills and forming place value concept of the children. It offers a new approach to teaching the inter-related concepts of addition and subtraction. Helping children solve word problems, teaching flexible approaches and procedures for mental calculations will be a part of this course. How to teach the concepts of ‘carry over’ and ‘borrow’ will also be covered extensively in this course. Utilising the four practicum, participants will learn to organise their teaching activities through model lesson plans.

Course Schedule
Batch No. Last date for registration Contact session 1 Contact session 2
1 07 Aug 2016 13-14 Aug 2016 24-25 Sep 2016
2 06 Nov 2016 12-13 Nov 2016 24-25 Dec 2016
Batch 1

Last registration date :07 Aug 2016
Contact session 1 :13-14 Aug 2016
Contact session 2 :24-25 Sep 2016

Batch 2

Last registration date :06 Nov 2016
Contact session 1 :12-13 Nov 2016
Contact session 2 :24-25 Dec 2016