What is a blended mode course?
The blended mode course is a combination of face-to-face contact sessions and online learning environment.
What is a face-to-face contact session?
Contact session provides participants an opportunity to interact with the mentors in person. During the contact session, guided discussions on articles and screenings of live classroom videos are conducted, to help participants reflect upon their practices and enhance their content knowledge.
What is an online learning environment?
‘Moodle’, an online learning management system is used for Shikshak Courses. Participants use the online platform to be in touch with their mentors, to submit assignments and to interact with co-participants.
What is the intake capacity of the course?
  • Foundation course: 40 participants per batch
  • Other short-term courses: 20 participants per batch
  • Long-term course: 20 participants per batch
Who can do these courses?
  • Teachers of grades 1-5
  • Teacher Educators
  • Parents and others who are interested can also opt for the courses. However, non-teacher parti cipants will not receive a certificate
I am a parent, can I do these courses?
Yes. However, you will not receive a certificate, as these courses are specially designed for teachers and teacher educators.
What are the prerequisites for the courses?
  • To have and regularly use a personal Email ID
  • To be able to capture digital photos, upload and download files Using WhatsApp
  • Successful completion of the Foundation Course for all the short term courses
  • Typing speed of minimum 15 words per minute in English and Marathi (Unicode)
How much time do I have to spare for a course?
  • Including contact sessions, the total number of hrs to be spent for
  • Foundation course - approx. 30 hrs. (over one-month duration)
  • Each short term course -approx. 60 hrs. (over three-month duration)
  • Long term course - approx. 240 hrs. (over eight-month duration)
What learning material will I get in these courses?
  • Articles based on latest research in math pedagogy
  • Educational videos filmed in classrooms
  • Model unit plans
Do I have to appear for an exam?
No. Each course has a defined number of online tests and assignments. Marks obtained in all the assignments will decide the aggregate grade of the participant.
What would I need to complete online assignments?
Basic internet connectivity, moderate typing speed (English/Marathi). Detailed orientation on dealing with online assignments will be given during the Foundation Course.
Do I need high-speed internet connectivity?
No. Assignments can be completed offl ine. During practicum period, observation logs are expected to be submitted online. With the help of regular internet connection they can be uploaded in 20-30 minutes time. You can upload them from cyber cafe / using mobile phones.
When will I get the certificate?
  • All the contact sessions are attended
  • All the assignments are completed
  • Collective grade for all assignments is ‘D’ or above
Where are the courses conducted?
A batch is conducted in an area where 20 participants are ready to take the course.
When do the courses start?
The schedule is noted in course details page.
Navigate to individual course page to get respected course schedule.
How much do I have to pay?
Participants' contibution for the Shikshak Courses are subsidised. Central Square Foundation, Delhi has extended financial support for conducting these courses which covers 70% of the actual course expenditure and participants are expected to contribute only 30%.
Navigate to Participants Contribution page to know more.
How can I apply for the course?
Click Here to register online.
OR You can download the registration form from Downlaods section. You can even write to us (email: info@shikshak.org) or Call Vinayak Tanksale on +91 7709006779 for the same. Submit forms to: info@shikshak.org