Teaching Fractions Part 2

  • Course Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Recommended For: Teachers of Grade 3-5
  • Intake: 20 Participants per batch
  • Contact sessions: 2 contact session of 2 days each
  • No. of assignments: 6 (2 online test and 4 practicum)

About the Course

Successful completion of ‘Teaching Fractions part 1’ is a prerequisite for this course, as it is built on basic concepts covered in part 1. ‘Teaching Fractions part 2’ will cover how to teach students to perform operations using fractions with understanding. How to help children to use the numberline to place and compare fractions will be taught during this course. How to teach decimal fractions, place value in decimal fractions and operations using them will be another focus of the course. The videos screened during the course will help participants to plan their instructional schedule of teaching fractions. The schedule for ‘Teaching Fractions part 2’ will be announced aft er the batches for ‘Teaching Fractions part 1’ are completed.