Teaching Multiplication and Division

  • Course Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Recommended For: Teachers of Grades 3 to 5
  • Intake: 20 Participants per batch
  • Contact sessions: 2 sessions of 2 days each
  • No. of assignments: 6 (2 online tests and 4 practicum)

About the Course

Learning multiplication-division forms a big cognitive leap in the learning process of children. This course offers an understanding of the qualitative difference it makes to the students’ thought process, once they comprehend these concepts and master the procedures. The course also covers different types of word problems to understand different meanings of multiplication division and their usage to develop multiplicative thinking. What teaching aids could be used for teaching multiplication-division, when should they be introduced and when discontinued, and other related details will be covered in this course. Also, the course elaborates on how to plan a step-by-step program for teaching multiplication-division with increasing levels of complexity. Through the four practicum, the participants will learn how to teach multiplication-division concepts using model unit plans. Two batches of this course will be conducted in the year 2016-17, as per the following schedule:

Course Schedule
Batch No. Last date for registration Contact session 1 Contact session 2
1 14 Aug 2016 20-21 Aug 2016 01-02 Oct 2016
2 13 Nov 2016 19-20 Nov 2016 07-08 Jan 2017
Batch 1

Last registration date:14 Aug 2016
Contact session 1 :20-21 Aug 2016
Contact session 2 :01-02 Oct 2016

Batch 2

Last registration date :13 Nov 2016
Contact session 1 :19-20 Nov 2016
Contact session 2 :07-08 Jan 2017