Highlights Of Shikshak Courses

Face To Face Contact Sessions

These contact sessions are conducted by mentors using group discussions, videos and simulated sessions.

Group Discussions
Group discussions on articles based on recent research are conducted. These discussions help the parti cipants to develop a sound theoreti cal understanding.

Working With Classroom Videos
These videos are shot live with a multi -camera set up through which the rich teacher-student interaction in a live classroom has been captured. It brings actual classroom situati on into the contact sessions and participants can observe the pertinent interaction between the students and the teacher The mentors ask questions at criti cal points of the video to trigger a discussion.

Simulated Sessions
Participants practi ce a part of each unit plan with their peers, which gives them an opportunity to refine their instructional skills before they undergo the practicum.

Online Learning Environment

Reading And Video-Based Assignments
This gives an opportunity to refl ect upon the reading material and videos studied during the contact session. The participants are expected to give online tests which are specifically designed to check their progress.

Guided Classroom Practicum
Each practicum is of five-day duration. Participants are supposed to implement an entire unit plan over five days which gives them an overview of students’ learning process. Participants submit their daily log of activiti es and interactions with students along with their own reflecti ons for feedback from mentors.

Online Mentoring
‘Moodle’, an online learning management system, is used for interacti ons between mentors and parti cipants. The mentor gives participants a daily feedback on their work log during practicum. He/she also suggests alterati ons to participants’ lesson plans when needed to suit the needs of students.

Certification On Completion

A certificate of completion along with participants’ grades and credits will be awarded aft er successful completion of the course. Non-teacher participants will not receive a certificate.

Medium of Interaction

Batches are conducted in Marathi, English as well in bilingual medium (English + Marathi) to suit the needs of the participants..

“Ever since I began doing this course and using these effective teaching methods, I have never given up on any student. It is the most gratifying feeling”

“When I saw students responding to the lesson so enthusiastically, I realised that the Shikshak Course is a path-breaking one.”

“It's such a great feeling to walk down the corridor and have your students coming up to you to ask what you will be teaching them in the math class.”

“Our mentors promptly corrected assignments and gave us valuable inputs. Their feedback actually boosted my confidence”